So you want to know what you can do with custom QR Codes. Here we will show you just how to use QR Codes.

Learn how to use QR Codes

You can use your Custom QR Code to…

  • Direct people to a website
  • Enhance your social networking by connecting your Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in account to a QR code
  • Download contact information directly to a mobile device
  • Use mailto: tags to send email immediately
  • Allow people to call a number in a snap, instead of having them to type in your long digit numbers
  • Automatically generate an SMS message/template to be sent to another mobile device
  • Show specific text, or coupon codes to anyone that scans your code


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Drive more people to your Facebook, Linked-In or Twitter Page using your Custom QR Code:

If you want to know how to use QR Codes start with social networking.

Social Networking sites are a great way to connect to your audience, create brand value, and engage with your customers. Now-a-days, there are many strategies to increase your fan-base.  Using a Custom QR code should be one of them. People that visit your business, window shops, and/or engaged with your business location – are more likely to be your fans. By directing the audience with QR Codes placed in various locations or one prominent location, you can increase the fans for your Facebook Page.




Business Cards:

Download business card information directly to a mobile device or point to your company website with your contact information.  People keep less and less paper now days and if they want to contact you they want to just find you on their phone.  So this is a simple and great way to get onto their phone.  As far as how to use QR Codes in a real world business environment this is a top choice.





You can direct people to your website using a custom QR Code on a billboard or sign.

I would be careful with this approach (See the 7 Deadly Sins of QR Codes) as you would not expect a driver to be able to pull out their phone while driving and scan the image, but on park benches or bus terminals this is a great example of how to use a QR Code to let a prospect find out more about you, or just scan it and call you


how to use QR Codes in newspapers


Newspaper/Magazine Articles:

Setting yourself apart from the competition is difficult.  Getting instant feedback from print media is even harder.   Including a custom QR Code at the end of each article will create an instant way to generate and track the impact of your printed advertising.  Your QR code can direct them go to the URL of the article and encourage them to engage in an interactive task like leaving comments about the online article, and you can track the QR Code scans.  This can be an invaluable example of how to use QR Codes.



T-Shirts and Promotional Souvenirs:

Add a custom QR Code to a tee shirt, bumper sticker, key chain or any other promotional item you can think of.  You won’t believe what a little advertising can do to drive more people to your website.

This is just a plain fun example of how to use QR Codes.



Create fun or instructional videos and include QR Codes through out your presentation to provide additional information or links to your website, advertisements or online promotions.


There’s no limit to how much you can share with QR codes. While a video or landing page is easily shared, you could go further and share an entire eBook or pdf and even multiple pieces of content that share a common link.  This is how I’ve seen museums answer how to use a QR Code, linking to more information to an exhibit online.


Calls to Action:

After building a community, the next logical step is to mobilize them to take action. What are you trying to accomplish? You can alternate special offers by simply linking your QR codes to new landing pages, and you can combine then with email opt-ins to build your list.

SEO and SMO:

 It is well known that web objects such as images, music clips, and videos add valuable content to your social graph. QR codes enhance both your search engine and social media optimization. Now you can increase traffic to those searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.

There are many answers to how to use QR Codes and lots of fun answers to how to use QR Codes, and as you’ll see on this website, people are innovating new ways everyday.


Where are QR Codes being used?

So you have learned some about how to use QR Codes, now let’s look at some places they are being used:

    • The back (or front and back) of your business card.
    • On your brochures and other marketing materials.
    • The sides of trucks and trailers.
    • Product tags and packaging
    • Convention and event nametags
    • Restaurant menus
    • Event ticket stubs
    • Point-of-sale receipts
    • Real estate signs
    • Coupons
    • Promotional items like pens, shirts, keychains and other give-aways
    • Packaging
    • Just about any kind of advertising you can think of.


The Future of QR Codes

The potential for QR Codes is limitless. What’s most exciting is how these little square bar codes take what social media is doing well now, bringing people together with technology, and extending it to enhance the experience.

The next generation of barcodes will hold even more information – so much that an Internet connection may not even be necessary. The content will be effectively embedded in the code. There is no telling what new ideas people will come up with to use their QR codes.

With this proven technology now gaining rapid acceptance at the consumer level, it opens up fascinating opportunities to create a whole new range of content and consumer experiences. The true value of these unique codes comes to play when people use new and innovative ways to interact with customers, friends and family.

The mobile space is a hot place to build your brand, and with more and more people carrying and actively using their smartphones while out and about.  Quick Response Codes are a great tool to reach out to customers in new and interesting ways.  Visit our website from time to time to learn more on how to leverage mobile tools to get the word out about your business, social network or other web base promotion or sales goals.

The combination of location, time and analytics can create powerful and compelling content. Also for the first time a tool is available to create a truly seamless way of integrating printed materials with dynamic online content. It is now up to people to combine these technologies and create a whole new level of interactive web experience.

The sooner you start learning how to use QR Codes in your marketing the better. They have been called the hard links of the world. Connecting real world tangible objects with the world wide web in the blink of an eye, or more accurately, the scan of a mobile phone. As we discuss the hundreds of known uses of QR Codes today, they will be nothing compared to the thousands of new uses that will be created and used in the near future.

How to Get Started

Continue to explore our website and the many articles we have about how to use QR Codes and the creative ways in which others are using them.  Or get started today with your own QR Codes using our QR Code generator to make your own.

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